Help! My Account has been Disabled!

Help, My Account has been Disabled!  What do you do now? Your first decision is whether to hire an expert to prepare and oversee your appeals process (for example, hiring The Gurus) or to go it alone. From our experience, sellers benefit from the streamlined process that an expert can provide (and the lower risk […]

Amazon Plan of Action (POA): The Nine Tenets of Writing a Winning Appeal

 Be Succinct Know thy audience.  Amazon case officers review dozens (if not hundreds) of suspensions each day, so they appreciate the art of “short and sweet.”  Clear, crisp writing that effectively presents the root causes of, and solutions to, your suspension will go a long way in winning over your reviewer and therefore in writing […]

The Truth About Escalation

The word “escalation” is thrown around a lot when it comes to the Amazon appeals process, but rarely is it used in an accurate and informed way.  Unlike a restaurant (where you can speak to the manager) or most companies (where you can usually get to the supervisor by phone), Amazon handles its entire appeals […]